What where the key challenges to the client?

Bannockburn Primary School has two sites. The school had two separate domains one on each site. This was hard work for teachers who worked on both sites. Different logins depending on which site they were at. Pupils were not able to share work easily across sites. The two domains were setup with no policies in place to restrict pupils from making system changes. Users were experiencing slow access to shared data on the server.

How did we address them?

The solution was to have one domain set up so that the shared resources can be accessed from both sites. We suggested linking the 2 sites and making one domain.

What were the solutions we put in place?

Bannockburn subscribes to LGfL services (managed by Atomwide) for Internet services. Firstly we linked the two sites by raising a MIP request with Atomwide. We then thoroughly tested that we could communicate across the sites flawlessly. We wiped the 2 Servers and created one Domain Controller and one member/replication server. Laptops on both sites were wiped and imaged and then joined to the new domain.

What are the measurable results?

Now all users can log on to any laptop to access their files and any shared resources on the domain without experiencing slow access. Group policies in place restricts pupils to access files and folders that they are not allowed. Common desktop put in place stops changes made to desktop items and speeds up running applications.

Staff can travel between two sites and access their data and print to any printer using their laptops seamlessly.