What where the key challenges to the client?

St Thomas More Primary has over 200 pupils and 25 staff. The school needed a wireless network solution which was flexible for growth, but robust enough to handle the high number and density of users.
From having a wireless system that was at maximum capacity and could not grow with the school, teachers were beginning to feed back that the situation was delaying the progress of their teaching.

How did we address them?

The previous wireless network was made up of several unmanaged access points and could not support the growing demands being placed on the network.

After complaints from staff about connection issues, signal reduction and lack of coverage, the school approached GSS ICT Support. We offered Meru system that can grow with demand and address all the issues that the school were having.

What were the solutions we put in place?

A scalable wireless network was designed and installed across the school for pupils and staff with 13 internal access points servicing the whole school. With its single-cell architecture, Meru wireless access points do not need to be channel planned and avoid the costly and complex overlay networks other architectures require so the network at the school can be scaled as demand grows.

What are the measurable results?

A test was done connecting 70 iPads and 10 laptops to the network and accessing the Internet to stream video all at the same time and the result was no reduction of speed or signal.