Remote Support

Edsure Endpoint Management offers flexible, effective remote support. Access any device over any network, all through our browser based management interface, or a locally installed agent using secure communications. All remote support activity is logged so you can see who has done what, and for how long. You can show your customers how much time you spend supporting them, and calculate whether your SLAs are cost effective for your business.

  • Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) integrated
  • Shared Console Session for end user support and training
  • Remote Command Shell access for direct communication to the operating system
  • File Transfer, access to clipboard and option to share local drives
  • Windows Services to start, stop and restart remote services
  • Remote task management
  • Retrieve screenshots from remote device to view desktop errors
  • Secure web-based Management Console accessible from anywhere
  • Locally installed agent can be used to initiate all remote takeover options
  • Connect to any online device, even on disparate networks
  • Secure communications between agent and server
  • Peer to Peer communications to speed up remote takeover sessions
  • Automatic logging of remote assistance activities (user, device and duration)
  • User acceptance of remote assistance (end user must accept request)
  • Remote sessions to multiple devices at the same time
  • Quick jobs, to deploy useful utilities to fix issues quickly
  • Chat using IM to communicate with end users
  • Device notes, record what has been done and by who

Audit & Filtering

Edsure Endpoint Management maintains a database of detailed device audit information, automatically updated on a regular basis by the deployed Edsure Endpoint Management agents. Any changes in the status of connected devices are automatically posted to the database irrespective of their location or network, meaning you have an up-to-date hardware and software inventory of all devices that you are responsible for.

  • Automatic Hardware and Software audit every 24 hours or manually request
  • Software Licence Management with notification when numbers are exceeded
  • Hardware and Software change log
  • Device filtering to find devices according to a wide range of criteria and then action e.g. manufacturer, model, logged in user, OS, service pack, software package
  • Device activity log
  • Device Monitoring

With advanced monitoring, you can monitor key server and workstation services and parameters for your customers – know what is wrong before they do – or simply track performance trends.

  • Performance monitoring – online status, overall CPU, processor and disk usage
  • Service and Process monitoring – view and choose any service or process found in your environment, and monitor status, CPU and processor usage
  • Event Log monitoring – view and choose any event log found in your environment, and monitor description, type, code or source
  • Microsoft Exchange – store size, queue length, delivery rate to name a few
  • Ability to graph monitors and then display at device level
  • Global, profile and device monitor configuration options
  • Alerts are triggered when thresholds are exceeded, and optionally emailed
  • Live Dashboard with current monitor alerts
  • Component monitors from the ComStore

Software Deployment

Edsure Endpoint Management enables the centralised and automated deployment of software, maintenance tasks and even files. Administrators simply upload the required file(s) or commands into the Edsure Endpoint Management database as a Component, along with any install parameters; the administrator then designates the target devices and schedules a time for the installation or job.

  • Deploy any type of file, MSI packages, silent executables, script and batch files
  • Acknowledgement of deployment success rate, and option to re-run on failed devices
  • Deploy files with elevated rights to devices where users do not have admin rights
  • Automate deployment schedule for recurring jobs (daily, weekly etc)
  • Advertise files to end users before executing
  • Deployment history for reporting
  • Software Cache to limit bandwidth utilisation when deploying to multiple devices in the same location
  • Pre-packaged software and script components available from the ComStore Device Management and Configuration. Edsure Endpoint Management can be used to proactively manage devices running the Autotask Endpoint Management agent. The agent constantly checks if there is anything it should be doing on the device, so administrators can schedule one-off or recurring jobs.
  • Easy Agent LAN Deployment using a single Edsure Endpoint Management agent in a new environment
  • Retrieve application licence keys from devices
  • Find devices not running the latest hotfixes or AV definitions
  • Deploy critical hardware and software patches to identified devices
  • Policy based device management
  • Desktop Management e.g. push files, backgrounds, settings, power management, shutdown at night, clean-up


Edsure Endpoint Management enables you to pull customised and template reports from across your customers and the devices you support through the system.

  • System, Profile and Device level reports
  • Report Scheduler to automate delivery
  • Device Change Log
  • Remote takeover activity report per customer • Hardware and software asset reports