Protecting and educating your children, parents and staff

We provide practical advice and smart technology to safeguard pupils and meet Ofsted e-safety recommendations.

Redstor Securus is an e-safety monitoring system, which enables schools to:

  • Learn more about e-safety
  • Talk to an e-safety specialist
  • Know what your pupils are doing
  • Provide a safe ICT learning environment
  • Be alerted to e-safety concerns
  • Get e-safety advice every month
  • Identify and capture ICT misuse
  • Safeguard pupils and staff
  • Transform and manage pupil behaviour

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Benefits of Edsure ICT Services

  • Edsure creates value by delivering robust solutions without the associated costs and risks.
  • Customer productivity is always optimised and maintained.
  • Curriculum Technical Support ensures a dependable curriculum IT infrastructure; equipment in classrooms is fit for purpose and working to its best capacity.
  • Our dedicated Help-Desk will provide you support and a single point of contact for guidance and solutions. We diagnose and resolve problems effectively and efficiently.
  • Extended Services ~ hardware and software. We will install, configure, reinstall or upgrade equipment and software to the vendor specification to ensure you always get the best from your system.
  • Admin Hardware Support offering similar services as Curriculum Technical Support and repairs [. ¬†Edsure works in partnership with the local MIS team to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.