Technical Support Services

It is not always cost effective for schools and businesses to have in-house ICT teams. Our experience, expertise and knowledge of ICT services means that we can offer you cost-effective external support when you need it.

Outsourcing to Edsure means you will receive:

  • A team of experienced technicians familiar with the needs of schools and businesses
  • Onsite technicians to help with technical issues
  • Remote technical support when you need it
  • Respectful, helpful and responsive professionals
  • Impartial advice on system improvements

The benefits of outsourcing to Edsure:

  • Problems prevented, not just fixed
  • Minimised disruption and classroom interruption
  • Outsourced services, reduced staff costs

Curriculum Technical Support

Schools require technical support to ensure that their ICT systems and curriculum are running smoothly. We’ve delivered these services for 20 years so we understand how schools operate and we’re able to provide an effective IT infrastructure to support pupils in classrooms as well as ensuring that all ICT equipment in schools is fit for purpose and working to full capacity.

Our commitments to you include:

  • Advice on all aspects of ICT equipment including technical support for all curriculum ICT equipment systems.
  • Advice on curriculum ICT equipment procurement
  • Identifying and fixing network cabling issues
  • Providing support with internet configuration and resolving connection issues

Admin Hardware Support

Our dedicated technicians visit schools and businesses regularly to provide expert advice and deal with issues affecting ICT systems.

On-site Technical Support

For schools and businesses that require onsite IT support, we have a team of DBS cleared technicians. We offer a range of onsite options to meet your needs including:

  •   One day per week (38 days per year)
  •   One day per fortnight (19 days per year)

We can:

  • Work under the direction of the ICT leader in the school to ensure all equipment is ready for use in the classroom
  • Identify serious technical problems and report to the technical support team
  • Assist with the installation of new software
  • Install and commission new computers
  • Maintain and clean existing equipment
  • Provide technical support to classroom assistants and other staff

Telephony Services

We offer bespoke telecommunication solutions to schools and businesses throughout the UK.

Find our more about telephony services


Our helpdesk service provides high-quality service for all our clients by:

  • Agreeing a course of action to resolve problems
  • Logging each call and issuing a job number for future reference
  • Providing an escalation procedure for major service issues
  • Providing problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Providing an experienced management team with fast response times
  • Supplying well-trained and competent staff who work on a problem until a satisfactory resolution is achieved
  • Being available when needed
  • Being environmentally sound in all our practices and procedures

 Ad hoc Repairs and Support

We provide an ad hoc repairs and support service if you do not wish to commit to a yearly contract. Costs are based on the number of hours spent onsite.

Projects and Consultancy

Our team delivers a wide range of complex ICT projects requiring specific skills and expertise.

We have a dedicated team of ICT project managers who have years of experience and expertise within the industry. They work with schools and business delivering bespoke and personalised services using a six-step process:

  1. Consult: Gaining a full understanding of your expectations, budgets and requirements.
  2. Evaluate: Assess project feasibility and how it can be best accomplished.
  3. Plan: Create a detailed proposal, a plan of action, strategies and measures to achieve and execute your project.
  4. Procure: Source and secure the products and equipment required to deliver the project.
  5. Implement: Execute the strategies and complete the project on time, and on budget
  6. Support: Ensure system efficiency and provide support when needed.